The interested party, who wishes to obtain a passport, comes in person to the Passport Office of his place of residence and submits an application – responsible statement, which is printed after entering his details, in electronic form by the receiving service. Then, after previously checking in detail the application – responsible statement, he signs it, thus confirming its content. At the same time, it submits the supporting documents provided on a case-by-case basis.

As long as there are serious health reasons in his face, which make it impossible or substantially difficult for him to move and are proven by a medical certificate of a state hospital, for the receipt of supporting documents he goes to the concerned employee of the service.

Depending on whether it is an original issue, renewal, replacement, or loss – theft, the corresponding printed application form – responsible statement is submitted.

  • Specifically, in the case of a person who issues a passport for the first time by the Greek Police, in accordance with the provisions of Law 3103/2003, submits an application form with code E1b. Let’s be aware that, even if he still holds an old passport, issued by the Prefecture – District – Consulate, according to the provisions of P.D. 417/93, his application for a passport is treated as new and therefore an application form is submitted – responsible declaration E1b.
  • If a passport has been issued in the past by EL.AS. with the provisions of Law 3103/2003, which, however, has expired or is about to cease to be valid within twelve (12) months from the submission of the request, an application form is submitted – a responsible statement E2b.
  • If it is a replacement of an existing passport, issued by the Hellenic Police, an application form is submitted – a responsible statement E3b.
  • Finally, if there has been a theft or loss of a passport, issued by the Greek Police and a new one is requested, the application form – responsible statement with code E4b is submitted.

In case of theft – loss, the application details regarding the old passport number and the expiration date are filled in by the passport offices.

When the applicant is a minor, the submission of the supporting documents requires in addition the personal presence of the custodian. When the custody is exercised by both parents, the personal presence of one and the written consent of the other parent, whose signature is certified by any competent Administrative Authority, is sufficient. When the parents can not be present, for reasons of force majeure, any relative of the minor is present, who is authorized by one parent, submitting the written consent of the other, whose signature has been certified. In case it is not possible to provide the authorization or the written consent, the appointment of a commissioner is required and the supporting documents are submitted from the provisions of articles 1601 and 1602 of the Civil Code. persons on a case by case basis. Force majeure means any sudden and unpredictable event, which can not be prevented even with extreme diligence and prudence, due to which the person concerned is in an absolute inability to take care of his affairs.

In the responsible statement embedded on the application form L. 1599/86, the interested party declares responsibly whether he has been convicted or prosecuted or referred to trial for the offenses of case a ‘, par. 2, article 1 P. Δ. 25/2004, as well as if he has been declared disobedient or a deserter or a measure prohibiting him from leaving the country is pending. In the same statement is registered his address of residence, as well as the existence of special reasons that allow the exceptional issuance of a passport, according to par. 3 of article 1 of P.D. 25/2004, submitting any additional supporting documents. It also states whether he held a passport, issued in accordance with the provisions of Law 3103/2003, which was lost, stolen or requests its replacement.

Abroad, the paid Consular Authorities accept the documents for the issuance of passports of Greek citizens residing abroad, or are there for work, study, tourism or health reasons. The supporting documents are submitted in person by the interested parties and with few exceptions, they are the ones submitted within the country. The same procedure is also followed, with the exception of sending the supporting documents to the Passport Directorate and returning them with the issued new passports, which is done with diplomatic bags, through the competent Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Greeks who reside abroad or are there for specific reasons and are in Greece for a certain period of time, can exceptionally submit the supporting documents to the Passport Offices of their temporary residence in the country.

The permanent resident who applies for a passport, if he does not have a Greek police ID card, a photocopy of both sides of which he is obliged to submit as a supporting document, submits a birth or marital status certificate from the municipality or community where he is registered. If the minor is under 12 years old, a photo is affixed to the certificate and a certificate of identity is issued, while if he is over 12 years old, a photo and identity card are affixed only if he does not hold a valid Greek passport.