Passport Print

Passport – Driver’s license
Biometric photos of dimensions 4×6 cm according to the official specifications.
Four 10 €


    • (max file size 32 MB)
  1. Avoid poplar clothes, it would be good not to wear a white shirt or white t-shirt.
  2. The hair should under no circumstances hide the face, or the ears.
  3. The face should look straight into the lens without grimaces or smiles.
  4. You are not allowed to wear a hat, sunglasses, or glasses with dark lenses. If the photo is for a driver’s license the glasses are removed.
  5. Avoid intense makeup.
  6. The man must be freshly shaved, or unless he has a beard or a beard.
  7. Passport photos are in color, 4x6cm in size, and must be recent. This means that if you have older photos with other dimensions, they are not valid
  8. You must also be very careful not to touch the photos with your fingers on the face. There will be marks and they will not pass.
  9. The above dimensions of a passport type photo are valid for a Greek passport. Passport type photos for other countries for example England, Germany Russia Poland France etc. other dimensions apply.

More information about Passport Issuance you will find here: Passport Issuance