Welcome to the magical world of digital photography. A world full of colors and liveliness, where our best memories are present. Taking a look at the past, we see how much photography has changed nowadays. How many facilities digital photography has given us and how many new perspectives are opening up in front of us.

Isn’t it awesome to be able to see directly what we’ve photographed and if we don’t like to try again without waiting for the film to appear? We do not wake up our artistic nature, trying to find the most beautiful colors for the sunset we photographed, experimenting through a photo editor of our computer; Isn’t it nice that we can easily share our photos with our friends by sending just one mail? Everything is now done very quickly, easily and simply.

How would you like the idea, with simple steps to print your favorite photos? Without even having to move from your space! With all the printing options on your computer screen, just like you were in your local photo studio! And to receive your photos the next day at your place or at a selected point So come with us, to a new page

We are pleased to present the FOTO plus website
The website that we wholeheartedly wish to become one of your “favorites”. . Through this service, you can print your photos online with speed and ease, “sending” the photos directly from your PC, tablet or mobile phone to our laboratories for printing.

FOTO plus offers you a complete network of digital photography services. It is a system where all members have the ability to print digital photos & photographic products via the internet and offers the following:

  • Economy (particularly attractive print prices).
  • Quality (print on high quality photo paper, same as that used for film prints).
  • Durability over time (absence of symptoms of yellowing of the photo or loss of color in the long run).
  • Speed (in a few steps, your order is ready, with the receipt of the photos within two working days).

Of course the FOTO plus service covers all photographic works such as prints in:

  • Large photo sizes
  • Canvas
  • Mug
  • T-shirt