Due to the fact that the services provided by fotoplus.gr, are activated by the customer’s desire to order a product or service, it is not mandatory nor is it imposed on the customer by anyone except by his own order, no order can be returned. The choice is the sole responsibility of the customer and he is solely responsible for the order. In case of refusal to receive the order by the customer, without any serious reason, fotoplus.gr will proceed with all legal procedures in order to collect the exact price of the order. Any charges arising from extra shipping charges are borne exclusively by the customer.

Fotoplus.gr accepts the return of an order only in the following cases:

  • When the product is not what the customer ordered on the website of fotoplus.gr. The order confirmation email provides all the information about the product, so the product error can be verified.
  • When the product is defective or the printing is problematic due to an error from fotoplus.gr. In these 2 special cases and only in these, the customer must inform fotoplus.gr by email, within 7 days of receipt of the product, stating the following:
  • way of communication
  • order confirmation email
  • reasons for return

Within 48 hours, fotoplus.gr will inform the customer about the validity or not of the return:

  • In the first case, fotoplus.gr will resend the correct product (the one requested by the customer).
  • In the latter case, the customer will be asked to return the product for a better examination of the return reasons. The customer must send with the returned product a copy of the complaint / return email where the shipping date must be indicated. The return costs are borne exclusively by fotoplus.gr.

In the event that any of the above is not observed or the above time periods are exceeded, the customer’s right to return an order due to an error, ceases to exist. Apart from all the above, no other return is accepted for reasons such as:

  • Subjective judgments (eg different perception of photo colors). In photo printing the judgments are always subjective, as everyone has a different perception of colors. Photo returns are only acceptable if our customer sends photo samples in advance & the result he receives is not like the original. However, since we are not given any direction, the photos are printed according to our own judgment & with the quality assurance provided by ISO.
  • Insufficient / defective file (file with very low resolution, file unable to cover the entire printable area of ​​the product).
  • Errors when taking the photo (photo flutter, lack of adequate quality or resolution, technical or other camera problems).
  • Errors during shipment.
  • Mistakes in the choice of products and quantity by the customer.