Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix W150

Family vacation; A weekend with friends? Welcome to the waterproof COOLPIX that is designed to go anywhere! This compact camera designed for adventure is so easy to use that everyone can capture great photos and videos with it. In addition, it is a “hard” nut and comes in five amazing colors.

Delivery up to 30 days


From the days on the beach to the adventures of the city. From diving to skiing and jeep rides in the desert, this compact adventure camera is ready to explore. Enjoy the true ease of aiming and shooting COOLPIX that can withstand a few drops, perform in the cold and just loves a pool party.

The CMOS low light sensor and the NIKKOR precision lens capture beautiful photos and videos.
From close-ups to remote action, 3x optical zoom and Dynamic Fine Zoom 6x offer you a wide range. And the dedicated video capture button makes it easy to switch to Full HD video recording [1080p / 30 frames per second (fps)] with stereo sound.


Capture stunning photos from your best moments without missing a beat. From snowy landscapes to fireworks at festivals, the COOLPIX W150 knows what you’re shooting and automatically optimizes settings.


Take amazing underwater portraits without diving! In Underwater Face Capture mode, the camera takes up to four photos each time it detects a face. All you have to do is keep the camera under water. Simple.


You can take photos with a simple menu interface or activate the Variety Menu. This allows you to attach voice messages to photos, turn on playful welcome screens, animated slide shows and more. Kids will love it.

Take photos and share instantly

Why wait? Nikon SnapBridge app for iOS and Android automatically transfers photos from your camera to your mobile / tablet for instant notification. In addition, you can use your smart device to take long-distance photos and be in the shoot.

Love for effects

Have fun adding different effects inside the camera to your photos, then share them instantly via SnapBridge. Combine two photos into one for unique selfies. Transform landscapes into tiny planets with the “small planet” effect!

Ongoing fun

The long battery life of this camera allows you to shoot for hours, while the reflective LCD screen offers clear visibility, even in water. Waterproof accessories, such as the easy-to-find Nikon beach strap, keep your camera safe.